Interesting Projects

Below is a list of projects that I personally have found interesting.

They may not be complete or fully functional.

Dwyl Smart Home

Complete smart home security and management solution.

The client specified an extensible solution that could be expanded in future to integrate with beskpoke internal and exteral systems.

Developed a complete system (hub and edge devices) in Elixir that could be deployed with zero code onsite. Modular firmware and extensible hub software to allow for future integration with clients other systems.

Fancy Lights

IKEA Dioder Light controller for the Raspberry Pi.

Allows a user to control IKEA Dioder lights through a real-time web interface. Lights can be turned on and off, as well as have the colour changed.

Written in Elixir using the Nerves Project, the firmware is soft real-time and allows for the coordination and supervision of multiple processes.

Challenges include implementing Websockets on the Raspberry Pi and actually soldering wires.

View on GitHub.


A discord bot for managing CS:GO Servers, written in Go.

The bot can create and manage the lifecylce of CS:GO source servers, as well as authenticating users using they're discord profiles.

Challenges included implementing an OpenID client for steam and running a webserver and discord server from the same executable.